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Software Online Store Created with php and Mysql
Includes 3 themes to select from the Admin panel. Ready to be installed

Spanish version only

Paused / Not Available

It is a web store system created from scratch.
Includes 3 themes or designs to select from the Admin panel.

Includes 4 pre-configured payment methods Banking Deposit, MercadoPago, Paypal and PayU

You can configure shipments by
Fixed price
By product weight range
by total cost range.
You can add the ones you like.

Purchase process in one step.
Includes mercadolibre type question and answer section

It has the basic options to set up your online store without so many complex options, only necessary is there.

You can view orders, receive notifications to your email when a customer makes a purchase or when you ask a question.

It is installed on the server or hosting service that you have contracted, if you do not have one or you do not know all this topic, we can help you in that process, and if you wish we can install it and configure it for you.

It is 99% open source that is, most files are unencrypted so you can customize it if you know of php code, or if you want a new function we can add it.

The design is Responsive that means that it automatically adjusts to mobile devices.

You can see a demo in:



PHP 5.6, ionCube 10, mysql

Does not include Hosting or domain.



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